Board of Directors

Our Board works to advance our mission and purpose, which is to ensure the BSC continues in perpetuity to serve the cooperative living needs of Bay Area college students. We manage financial contributions and dues, actively assist members of the BSC in their needs and endeavors, lead events for alumni and students alike, and collaborate with our local, national, and international community partners to strengthen our organization to better reach and support the BSC and its alumni members.

We are a working board, in which members are expected to actively contribute to the mission of the BSCAA and the BSC. The term of a board member is three years, and our meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month from 5:30 – 7 p.m.


Board members must:

  • Be a member of the BSCAA
  • Be a good spokesperson for the BSCAA
  • Consistently attend board meetings
  • Serve on 1 BSCAA board or BSC board committee or volunteer on a project (minimum 10 hours/year)
  • Be willing to make a financial donation to the BSC and the BSCAA consistent with member’s capacity
  • Be prepared for meetings
  • Have a sense of humor
  • Believe in the mission of the BSCAA
  • Be willing to recruit others to the board


Interested in Joining? Email us at

Meet Our Board

Analise Electra Smith-Hinkley


Cloyne 2008, Oscar Wilde 2009-10

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Jim Ausman

Vice President

Chateau House 1990-93

Jim served on the Board of Directors of the USCA for two years, mostly as the VP of Finance. He was the Board President one summer, the summer they decided to foreclose on Barrington and get it back from the man they had sold it to. Other accomplishments were to raise rent slightly to tackle the backlog of deferred maintenance and to allow any students from any college to join the USCA, not just Berkeley. There was a vacancy problem in this era. Jim would like to add more structure to the Board’s projects and goals and his experience as a Project Manager proves useful therein.

Margie Guillory


Hoyt Hall 1970-73, Northside Co-op 1974-78

Margie graduated from Berkeley with a degree in mathematics, two teaching credentials, and a certificate in accounting. She was involved with the BSC as the BSC’s first woman Maintenance Manager (1970-1972), first woman on Summer Maintenance Crew (1972), Decentralization & Inventory Control Clerk (1972-1975), A/P Bookkeeper (1975-1988) with a 6-month break to convert all houses to the Home Cooking Program in 1980, and BSC’s Accountant (1988-2012). She was inducted into the North American Students of Cooperation (NASCO) Hall of Fame in 1990 as an Educator. She is now in a recovery program as the Treasurer of the BSCAA.

Nancy Brigham Blattel


Barrington 1973-75, Rochdale 1975-76, Northside Apartments 1976-80

Nancy is currently Data Management Lead supporting UC’s database for fundraising and engagement needs. In 1996, she founded the BSC alumni association with a group of dedicated alumni who valued their experience, wanted to give back, and knew other alumni would want to as well. At the BSC, Nancy served on the student board and was vice president for three semesters. She graduated in 1977 with a degree in Social Welfare and then worked at the BSC Central Office in the housing department. She has had a long career of leadership with the Better Business Bureau and the Cal Alumni Association.

Alexander Barone

Davis House 2011-14

Alexander’s 2.5 years living and boarding at Davis house from 2011-2014 (two years living, one semester boarding) were by far the most formative during his time at Berkeley and represent some of the best years of his life (to date). The BSC presented him with the resources and community to learn about himself and others and he would like to make sure that future generations of students have the same opportunities for success both during their time at Berkeley and beyond. He currently lives in Santa Barbara and works at Hulu in advertising sales but when he’s not working from home you can catch him experiencing the beauty of nature through surfing, snowboarding, hiking or mountain biking. He’s looking forward to working with and learning as the BSCAA supports and enriches the BSC community.

Alexandra Daily-Diamond

Euclid Hall 2009-12

Alexandra obtained a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies at UC Berkeley. Serving as a Health Worker and Kitchen Manager, she developed a love of baking and interest in mentorship and education that continues in her career in Learning and Development. Alexandra is passionate about sustaining the vital communities and support that co-ops provide for students. She is particularly committed to helping maintain the BSC’s resources for members who, like her, are a part of the disabled student community, and otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford higher education. Alexandra believes the assistance and experience the BSC provided was key to her success as a student and beyond and, as a prospective board member, she is excited to pass it forward.

John Ehrlich

Barrington Hall 1974-77

BS Business Administration. John was on the USCA Board when they bought & sold houses. He was a House Manager at Barrington and then was President of the Board in 1977. He served 32 years in the San Francisco PD retiring as a Captain. There were many years with his family at the Lair 5th week Gold. John has served on the BSCAA Board since 2012. He lives in Berkeley.

Ron Enfield

Barrington Hall 1962-65

Ron spent 1962-65 at Barrington Hall, long before coed and drug days. He transferred to UCLA for a BA in film, then joined the computer industry, first as a developer, earning a Comp. Sci. MS at night. Later he wrote, edited, and published technical documents for Bell Labs, MITRE, Oracle, and others, and supported some big corporate websites. He is retired and wants to assist the co-ops. His communication skills help in outreach to alumni and others.

Selena Feliciano

Wolf House 2012, Hoyt 2012-13, CZ 2013-15

Selena (she/her pronouns) believes the BSC to be an incredible resource with the capacity to serve our most vulnerable students in the midst of Bay Area housing insecurity, inspire critical redesign of 21st century collective ownership, and support friendships across the globe. Besides her role as member, her favorite tenure as a facilitator in the BSC was that of CZ President in spring 2015. Since graduating from UC Berkeley in Urban Studies (B.A.), Selena participated as an organizer for the CZ 50th anniversary party and the alumni speaker at the 2016 BSC graduation. She is grateful for the continued opportunity to support a formative platform that helped shape her perspective on community.

Zach Gamlieli

Casa Zimbabwe 2014-18

Zach valued his time in the co-op even more than his education at Cal. The BSC provided the opportunity for incredible leadership positions, and he had the privilege of being elected to the role of House Manager and the Board Representative for CZ. In his time on the BSC’s Board, he served as the VP of External Affairs (2016-17), and the BSC President (2017-18). During his tenure in those executive roles, he worked hard to improve the BSC’s public perception, which significantly benefited their recruitment efforts geared towards low-income students as well as their relationships with UC Berkeley and City of Berkeley officials.

Steve Greenberg

Cloyne Court, 1980-85

Steve will always value his BSC (fka University Students’ Cooperative Association) experience as one of two educations he got at Berkeley, the other being a couple of Cal degrees. The BSC was and is much more than a cheap place to live; it’s a special place for students to learn and grow. He worked on the maintenance crew at Cloyne, was the Maintenance Manager, and was active in helping Cloyne and the USCA broadly become more energy efficient. He started working at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab when he was a grad student still living at Cloyne and is still at the Lab, working on energy efficiency in buildings. He bicycles to work every day, riding past Northside, Kidd, and Cloyne. He’s been on the BSCAA Board since 2009.

Nicholas Hamilton

Oscar Wilde 2002-06

Nicholas served as President of the BSC (then USCA) from 2004-05, on the summer maintenance crew, and as a workshift and house manager at Oscar Wilde House. Experiences at the BSC have strongly influenced his career as an urban policy leader who has launched a diverse set of urban equity and sustainability initiatives, from a national network to revitalize America’s legacy cities to founding the NYC-Metro Urban Sustainability Meetup. Prior to establishing his consulting practice, he previously served as Director of Urban Policy at Columbia University’s bipartisan policy institute, The American Assembly and architectural and urban designer at the firm Davis Brody Bond. He holds a Master of International Affairs from the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University and Bachelors from the University of California, Berkeley, where he studied Architecture, Planning, and Environmental Design in Developing Countries. After thirteen years in New York City, he recently returned to the Bay Area with his partner and two young children.

Jennifer Heller

Cloyne 2000-01, Rochdale 2001, Kingman 2002-04

Jen (she/her) was destined to go to and love living in Berkeley. From a young age, her parents brought her to Cal; she has been frequenting Lama Beans (formerly Jimmy Beans) since 1990! She worked for CO first as Receptionist, then Communications Coordinator and then acting Development Director between 2001 and 2009. Some of her key accomplishments were two complete website overhauls, the development of the online application, and the 75th Anniversary Gala. While at Kingman, she served as Social Manager for two years. Following her time as a staff member at CO, she served on the BSCAA Board until August 2012. In 2010 Jen founded Artsy Geek, a design and marketing agency. In the past decade, she has continued to work with various non-profits and small businesses on branding and marketing. She looks forward to bringing this experience to the BSCAA Board. She will be forever grateful to the BSC not only for the professional experience but for introducing her to her best friends and husband. All of the people she is closest to in the world she met through the BSC. She currently lives in San Leandro with her husband (Lothlorien, Castro, Casa Zimbabwe, Rochdale) and three-year-old son. She enjoys baking, gardening and reorganizing closets.

Laura Vargas Hernandez

CZ 2016, Afro House 2016, Hoyt Hall 2016-17

After Laura graduated from UC Berkeley in 2017, she worked with nonprofits doing marketing, fundraising, podcasting, and event planning. She currently works at an elementary school in the Bay Area and volunteers with an education nonprofit. The reason she joined the BSCAA board was because the BSC helped her during her time at Cal, and she would like to give back. As a Latina immigrant, she hopes that she gets to inspire others to also pursue similar opportunities in their communities.

Kaye McKee

Cloyne Court, Davis House 2012

Kaye works as a commodity trader in Houston, TX with expertise in financial markets. He wants to help sustain the BSC so that higher education is accessible to everyone and students can continue to grow the cooperative culture (which the world needs more of)!

Marcella Murphy

Stebbins, Oxford, Sherman, Cloyne, Northside, Rochdale

Marcella thoroughly enjoyed her nine years of co-op living. She lived in Stebbins, Oxford, Sherman, Cloyne, Northside, and Rochdale. She held several positions and did a wide variety of workshifts. She loved welcoming new members and she confesses to having cried more than once when the house emptied out at the end of the year. She believes now more than ever co-op principles hold many of the keys to solving the economic problems we face today, and she is determined that the BSC should thrive during this pandemic and beyond. 

Michelle Nacouzi

Castro, Wolf, Sherman, CZ

Michelle was a member of the BSC during her junior and senior years at Cal, including serving as BSC President from 2013-14. Her memorable workshifts included bathroom cleaning, Sunday cook crew, and council note taking. Between the BSC and the Berkeley Student Food Collective, Michelle learned more at the student-run coops than she did ‘across the street’, and attempts to apply the cooperative business principles to her career work. After graduating, Michelle moved to New York City, where she has worked as a management consultant for A.T. Kearney and now as an investment associate for Indicator Ventures (early stage VC). She keeps in touch with BSC alumni and is the proud older sister of two BSC alumna.

Tori Partridge

Hoyt Hall 2008-09, Ridge House 2009-11

Tori lived in Hoyt Hall from 2008-2009 and Ridge House from 2009-2011 and served as health worker, health worker coordinator, and house manager. Since leaving the BSC, she has gone on to get her masters in special education and now is back in Berkeley working at REALM Charter Middle School. Tori says she learned so much from the BSC and is hoping to give back by being part of the Coop Alumni Board.

Ron Pringle

Stebbins 1977-79, Kingman 1979-81

Ron started his journey through the co-ops at Stebbins Hall in a two-person room with Victor Lee. He was the perfect roommate because his parents lived in SF so he went home every weekend. Ron worked for a time at the Central Kitchen learning how to make vast batches of food to be delivered in “CK” pans to the houses that wanted them. He then became kitchen manager for a year at Stebbins after which he moved up the hill to Kingman Hall. He stayed at Kingman, ultimately getting enough points for a single there until the summer of 1981 when he left Cal to work in the real world. He spent the next 35 years building homes in the East bay. In 2014 he returned to Cal to finish his degree in Forestry, graduating with a BS in 2017. During that time, he raised 3 boys into men, one of which works with him now. He is proud to contribute his life knowledge back to the student co-ops now.

Wick Smith

Barrington 1974-75. Ridge Project (now Casa Zimbabwe) 1974-77

B.A. Psychology ’77 M.S.W. ’80 U.C. Berkeley. Most memorable workshifts: Cooking Sunday Brunch for 125 people, House Photographer, and Switchboard. Career in local government including Alameda County Administrator’s Office, Contra Costa County Schools and Contra Costa County.  IT Manager Contra Costa County for 28 years and senior consultant in a firm that specialized in IT for non-profits and local governments. BSA adult volunteer for the last 25 years. Ham Radio operator and CERT volunteer. Wick’s interest in public service and working cooperatively for others all started with the Coops! He loves continuing that with the co-op students and alums.

Sean Sowell

Lothlorien boarder 1984, Kingman 84-89, Northside 89-92

Sean (he/him) was born in Boston and grew up in Watertown, Massachusetts. He earned a BA in Psychology in 1992 and credits the USCA for making it possible to work his way through school at Cal. He served as Kingman’s Board member in 84, House President and Workshift Manager in 85, House Manager 86-88, as Board President in the Summer & Fall of 88, and as Kingman’s and Northside’s House President in 89 (concurrently). He led membership referenda 1 (84), 2 (86) and 3 (88) that eventually closed and sold Barrington in 1989. His twin sons are Matt and Nick. He served as Zephyr Teachout’s volunteer deputy texting director in her 2018 run for New York State Attorney General, leading a team of 275 volunteers nationwide who contacted 1.01 million registered Democrats in New York with a cell phone. He misses Warren Zevon, Harry Chapin, and Johnny Cash, and regrets never seeing Warren in concert. He drives for GrubHub, used to work for Open Heart Kitchen in Pleasanton, and still delivers meals to folks who are hungry. He welcomes the chance to return his service to the BSC. USCA President Emeritus.

Alfred Twu

Afro House 2003

Alfred has been a co-oper since 2003, starting out at Afro House and now around Lothlorien and Wilde. In addition to holding various house and central level positions, Alfred worked at CO for a couple years in the early 2010s and has been on the Alumni Board since, focusing on events like reunions and happy hours that connect current members to alumni.

Join the BSCAA

We’re able to fulfill our mission thanks to our alumni members! If you’re not one already, please consider joining the BSCAA as an annual or lifetime member. Feel free to reach out to us at or (415) 685-3943 with any specific questions; we’re happy to chat.